Two minute simple breathwork

V E R B | take air into the lungs and then expel it

breathe (/briːð/)

verb - take air into the lungs and then expel it.

Let's begin >>>

Take a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.

You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open allowing the spine to lift and the shoulders to soften.

Begin by taking a full breath in and a long breath out.

Allow the breath to settle the body, mind and spirit.

Feel your stomach and chest gently rising and falling with each breath.

Inhale for three seconds and exhale for three second.

Continue breathing this way for a few more breaths.

If you notice the mind is wandering, just bring it gently back to the breath.

Notice and feel the passage of air through the nostrils...the movement of your chest as you inhale and exhale.

On the final breath in and out, notice any sensations or feelings in the body.

When you're ready, gently open your eyes and return to your day.

Happy breathing xx

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