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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Dear Diary,

What is truth?

If I call myself a 'truth seeker' then what exactly is 'truth?' What is this truth I'm seeking?

They say that the aim of self development is to unravel your true essence; your authentic, true self.

Truth, like knowledge, is surprisingly difficult to define. In meditation teacher training, I was taught that there is no ultimate truth, because all experiences are subject to the individual's perception.

Philosopher's define truth as simply a statement about the way the world actually is. Going by the previous understanding of, 'there is no ultimate truth,' is it then safe to assume that people's versions of the way the world actually is will differ?

Apparently, coming up with a definition of truth falls under the discipline of epistemology or the study of knowledge, though some philosophers categorise it as a study in metaphysics - - the study of what is real.

I'd like to write about the metaphysical view today from lessons learnt across meditation teacher training, ITA energy medicine certification and coaching.

YOUR truth beyond the illusion

Most interpretations of truth will be different. No matter how it's defined, it still illustrates the same Universal reality from different lenses.

Understanding your truth, your true essence, your I AM (see previous #truthtalks article), requires an inward journey to unveil your illusionary limiting belief systems and behavioural conditioning.

In clearing these blocks and limitations, your inner truth will start to emerge.

Maya is a word used to describe this illusionary reality, the one blocked and veiled by the 'noises' in your life. In Advaita Vendata Philosophy, 'maya' is the 'limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled. Maya is believed to be an illusion, a veiling of the true self.'

What is the truth?

There is no ultimate truth...

All experiences are subject to the individual lens, the viewer, their perception.

All experiences are subject to the individual lens, the viewer, their perception.

Founder of the Institute of Applied Consciousness, Melaney Ryan said, "This understanding of truth goes to all levels of consciousness, from a human one to a Universal one. We are all one and within that wholeness, are infinite versions of ever-changing truth. The true essence is the centre of consciousness and identity, the real you, the real experience."

Everything else is simply a projection of your mind based upon the belief systems, your traumas, limited conditioning patterns you hold, and can send false information to the mind and veil your true essence.

Illusion is the opposite of truth

This Universe is based in polarity - opposites >> yin and yang, hot and cold, love and fear...

Illusion is the polar opposite of truth.

Our divine and true essence is beyond polarity and duality and is simply 'all that is.'

Different types of truth

If an experience is seen through fear with aspects like lack, judgement, envy, etc, then it is illusionary or also known as a lower or limited truth. It is limited in that the perspective is narrow.

If an experience is seen through love with aspects like acceptance, compassion and understanding then it is a higher truth.

In a mother and child example, a young child wants to eat all the cake, the sprinkles, icing AND the cherries on top. The full sha-bang....and Mum says no. The illusion or lower truth that the child sees is that the situation is unfair and that Mum is cake-blocking.

Mum's wisdom carries a more expansive truth, in that she is doing what is best for her child.

Two different truths from different levels of understanding. Each one valid simply because it is what it is. Kid wants all of the cake and Mum knows exactly how much sugar and butter she put in that mound of dough.

It's what's so special about the human condition. We have a right to perceive any event as we choose, there is no right or wrong perspective, only differing levels of awareness.

Truth has no limits and is dynamic

The potential to find deeper and deeper levels of truth is infinite.

Just like the essence of our divine soul, there is no limit to the level of truth we can experience. The potential to find deeper and deeper levels of truth is infinite.

Our nature has a natural tendency towards grasping a higher truth, an expanded perception of what we are now experiencing.

We can all consciously choose to seek a higher understanding of our lives, our tests and challenges, and our true Divine essence, by always seeing through the lens of love.

In doing so, we will find more compassion in our every day encounters and discover more deeply that 'love is all there is.'

Much love,

Nique x

P.S. Nique is the nickname used by my nearest and dearest :-)

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