Start your year right with our New Year spread

Welcome to 2019!

There's no denying the collective energy around New Year.

I created this spread to help you move into 2019 with more clarity, ease and joy.

This spread is all about helping you see where you’re at as you cycle from month to month, connect in with some of your dreams and desires and get some clarity and guidance on how you can live your purpose and best and highest life.

You can use any deck you have, tarot, oracle, angel, goddess, whatever!

If you stumble upon this spread and it’s not the new year, there’s no reason you can’t do it anytime at all to help you on your path, just start at number one, at whatever month you're in and continue the cycle.

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OK, grab your deck and your journal and let’s do this! :D

Select a card for each month plus one additional card to represent the overall theme of the year.

Starting at the top, work clockwise, laying out 12 cards in a circle, placing the 13th card in the middle.

I like doing this spread at the end of a calendar year. When I have reviewed all 12 or 13 cards I take a photo with my phone and journal about it so I can refer to it again before the commencement of each month.

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