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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Guided by various oracle decks

Journal the oracle way

Use the below prompts to use as a daily journal or reflection points. Let's get started >>

You don't have use these in January. Refer to them at any time for inspiration.

1. Past life present power - what was it you most enjoyed doing as a child? Are you doing facets of that in your life now?

2. Divine guardian - what decision have you made lately based solely on gut instinct?

3. The Lunar Queen - what have you done today to honour the balance between rest and play?

4. Magic and ritual - what daily rituals do you follow to create space for you?

5. Initiation - reflect on a time when you thought a punishment turned out to be a blessing in disguise. What was the profound lesson you gained from that experience?

6. The brother in darkness - describe a time when you demonstrated your feminine power through compassion when dealing when a difficult challenge?

7. Truths unveiled - what have you done today that demonstrated your truth, your own 'I AM' statements?

8. Ancient power mysteries - your words are powerful and create resonances. What things do you wish to manifest this year?

9. Wings of Isis - if you had wings, where would you fly, what would you do?

10. Divine Destiny - what is it that you truly desire? Are you currently putting effort, application, focus and attention to attain it?

11. Releasing allegiances - review what events in your life are happening on repeat? Consider if the repetition is helping or hindering.

12. Dream a beautiful dream - if you could control your dreams, and dream a beautiful dream, what would it look like?

13. Defend to the end, the worthwhile - what causes have you supported lately that fall in line with your true values?

14. The perfection of your life - what are you grateful for today?

15. Faith in the process - what rituals do you practise to cultivate faith in your life?

16. Restore and replenish - what have you done today to help you restore and replenish your spirit?

17. Conscious connections - Think about your inner circle. Review who uplifts your spirit and who depletes you. When was the last time you were in service to those that make your spirit sing?

18. What do you feel - Create space and journey inward. Take three deep breaths in and out. What's the first feeling that comes to mind?

19. The word want to be written - a word to describe today...

20. Bring it into form - think of a dream, a beautiful dream, one you'd like to manifest into reality. What steps have you taken to bring it into form?

Isis Oracle | Alana Fairchild

21. Seeing the true you - do you know who you are? Write down 10 'I Am' statements that define who you are. Go...I am...

22. She feels, she knows - it's sacred space time. Go inwardly and take three deep belly breaths in and out. What do you feel?

23. Every journey starts with a single step - describe a time when one leap of faith led to an abundance of possibilities.

24. In the world, not of the world - think back to a childhood promise i.e. I will never do what my father did. It doesn't have to be one promise, list all the childhood promises that you can remember.

25. Which ones did you keep? Has keeping them served or hindered you?

26. Relax the cause of darkness and be at cause - if you feared nothing, what would you do today?

27. Shock of the new - where was the last place you visited? What shocked you the most about the place? What did you enjoy?

28. Diving for light - what's one bad habit you wish to break?

29. Power of attraction - List three wishes. Now visualise it. Believe it. Create it.

30. Be the hunter, not the hunted - what is worth fighting for?

31. Going beyond normal - what was unexpected about today?

That's a wrap for an inspired January >>> H A P P Y W R I T I N G P E E P S xx

Oracle decks used to inspire these daily prompts | Isis Oracle & Sacred Rebels | #AlanaFairchild

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