Hum like a bee for good health

Ever heard of humming like a bee for good health? It’s a thing.

Humming combined with breath calms the parasympathetic nervous system, infusing your body with many therapeutic benefits.

The practice falls under Nada yoga, the yoga of sound, tone and vibration, and is a vocal toning technique that purifies and harmonises one’s own individual vibration with the vibration of the All That Is.

It’s a tool to help release stuck energy, clear blockages and tension that may be preventing Prana, or life force energy, from flowing through.

Compared to chanting and mantras which also uses rhythm, vocal toning is known for its steady state of one tone per exhale.

With just a chord a day you can keep the doctor away and it’s also an easy and fun way to enjoy a meditation practice. Winning!

Here’s the deets on how to ‘bee’ bliss:

Bhramari Pranayama, also known as humming bee breath is named after the female humming bee in India and is wonderful for balancing and opening the heart space.

  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, hands resting easily on your lap.

  • Calm and centre yourself by breathing naturally in and out of your nose.

  • Gently touch your lips together so your hum can travel easily into your head, face and neck muscles. Relax your jaw.

  • Take a deep slow breath in, and then create a ‘mmm’ sound on your exhale, without opening your lips. Continue to hum for the length of your exhale.

  • Try not to change the tone in rate, pitch or frequency, for the entire length of your exhale. You will feel the ‘hum’ initiate at the back of your throat, expand to the heart and head, and then fill the whole body.

  • Continue to hum with each exhale and repeat for as many cycles you are called to tone.

  • When you feel complete, sit in stillness for a while to experience the benefits.

You can try covering your ears to magnify the sensation of the hum flowing through your head and body.

Happy humming xo

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