Full Moon three-card releasing spread

Revelation | Release | Renewal

Full Moon in Leo - 21 January

It's a full super blood moon total eclipse tonight. Woah!

Take advantage of this spectacular celestial event and spend some quality time with your cards and be open to the messages that the Full Moon has for you.

While the New Moon is a great time for manifesting, the Full Moon is a perfect opportunity to release some of that stuff you've been lugging around. You can also use this three card spread any time you've got some releasing to do.

The powerful pull of that Moon may help you reveal whatever needs to be released, and to provide clarity on the most beneficial path going forward.

So grab your Tarot or Oracle cards and a cuppa and let's play! If you are using a tarot deck for this spread, you may want to try using only the Major Arcana. This will give you an even more powerful and universal message, rather than getting into the day to day mundane stuff.

1. R E V E L A T I O N

What needs to be revealed?

What do you need to see? What has been hidden in your life, or what are you hiding from yourself? This doesn’t have to be something sinister or frightening, it could be that there is something wonderful about yourself that you haven’t allowed to shine through for the world to see; or a lesson or challenge you have experienced that is coming into a place of recognition and understanding.

2. R E L E A S E

What is no longer serving you?

What negative repetitive patterns emerge in your life that you can release? What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that you are ready to break free from?

3. R E N E W A L

Are the intentions that you set at the New Moon coming to fruition?

As that Full Moon comes to its peak, is there something in you that has come full circle and is ready to emerge and shine? What needs to renew and regenerate in order to let me rediscover my greatness? What actions need to be taken in order to rise and align into my greatness?


Happy full moon peeps.

Much love and all the full moon vibes, Monique x

Image @shadowscapes Tarot

* Side Note - The Full Moon is also a great time to charge your cards and crystals. After you have done your reading, place them in the light of the Moon and give them a chance to release and replenish as well.

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