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D e f e n d t o t h e e n d, t h e w o r t h w h i l e

Before you read the below interpretation, take time to examine the card. See what feelings come up, emotions, sensations and thoughts. Do the illustrations evoke any memories? Do the symbols mean anything to you?

What does today's message mean to you. Generally your first thought is the right one for you at this time. Trust your intuition.

Defend to the end, the worthwhile | Sacred Rebels Oracle | Alana Fairchild | Artwork done by me :-)

Interpretation by Alana Fairchild

Beneath the lies and illusions, pretty as they seem, you know what is worthwhile.  All that is genuinely and truly essential for the heart to throb with life is worthwhile.  Anything that dulls it or suffocates its vibrant aliveness, must be questioned, challenged, and more than likely cast aside, for the heart is our key to living an authentic life.  What is there once that is compromised?  Without its foundation of truth, we are to be forever lost in confusion, doubt and despair!

You are a sacred warrior – a defender of the heart.  You have cried genuine tears of your own grief and also the grief of the world.  You have felt the need to protect the presence of love, for whilst it is exceptionally powerful, it can too easily be smothered under lies and fear.  The sacred warrior is vigilant that the presence of love is not chipped away by fear, criticism, doubt or untruths.  Even if others find the unflinching honesty of your feelings difficult to handle, even if those feelings are expressed with gentleness and compassion, the sacred warrior honours the task of being more faithful to love, than to anything else. This includes the fear of loss. Actually, it includes the fear of anything at all.

Moon cycles crystal grid hand burnt by me x

This oracle brings guidance to honour even the smallest steps in your path of the sacred warrior. They are no less important than the more noticeable or dramatic actions on the path. One single misstep can begin a landslide of great devastation. Being vigilant with what is meaningful and what is truthful, even in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant ways, strengthens the sacred warrior and prevents darkness from gaining a stronghold from the inside.

The darkness will be intelligent and sneaky.  It will tell you that it doesn’t matter, that this one time you can forget what you promised, that you are just one person and that you can’t make a difference.  That darkness will lure you into sleepy ambivalence and dull your light, if you allow it to. 

The sacred warrior within will fight with love and honour to be true to what has meaning, and never, ever allow it to be cast aside – even if it seems easier in the moment.  The sacred warrior find joy and humour in life, to prevent the seriousness of the task from stifling the heart that just want o live and be free. That joy brings strength to the warrior and an expanded, relaxed awareness that can sense the presence of fear, whether it is masked as anger, hate or doubt, and immediately respond to it with fierce compassion. The sacred warrior will not allow fear to gain a stronghold within the heart.

This oracle has special guidance for you. you are being asked to stay strong and stand your ground. This might be in a big emotional journey that feels like the fight of our life. It may be in a matter that does not seem to hold much importance. Perhaps, for example, you are contemplating an idea that you feel could be something, but those around you declare it is nothing much, too impractical, too little or too much. However, what is happening or soon will be happening, is worthwhile. So, hold tight! Ask for help through the healing process below, stay true to the sacred warrior of love that you are and defend to the end all that is worthwhile.

A healing ritual for today

Put your hands on your heart and say, ' I call upon the sacred warriors of unconditional love. I ask for support, protection, assistance and intervention on my behalf through unconditional love, that what is truly worthwhile for the light and life of the heart be protected and preserved, within me and in the world, for the greater good.'

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