Collective oracle reading - Sun 13 Jan

E n t e r t h e c h a m b e r o f h e a l i n g

Before you read the below interpretation, take time to examine the card. See what feelings come up, emotions, sensations and thoughts. Do the illustrations evoke any memories? Do the symbols mean anything to you?

What does today's message mean to you. Generally your first thought is the right one for you at this time. Trust your intuition.

Today's Deck | Isis Oracle | Alana Fairchild


A gentle reminder on a Sunday to create space to journey inward and allow time for rest and realignment.

Healing happens most powerfully when you create space, openness and allowing.

Today's message is about creating sacred space to return to you. Make time in your day to reflect, journal and meditate.

This ritual of allowing time for your sacred space allows you to be simply be, to not have to think, sort things out or analyse, but to open, rest, allow inspiration or guidance to come as and when it chooses and to allow for the mysteries of healing to occur.

A ritual for today

With intention surrender into your sacred space.

Visualise yourself in a place that feels nourishing to you, the beach, a lake, park, countryside, anything you like.

Find a comfy spot and allow yourself to rest on the ground.

Imagine a white light that starts at the top of your head going down the left side of your body then your right, eventually surrounding your being.

Sit with this white light for a while, connect with your Divine essence and surrender.

After the ritual

Note what sensations, thoughts and emotions come up. What spirited actions can you take today to help you on your path of healing?


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